El Simpo



Those were the four elements of El Simpo, a music and arts ensemble headlined by SKEPTIC (@skepticmusica) and I from 2010 to 2013, a sort of think tank for creative wanderings between both. The group was home to many recurring residents, such as Unochosiete, The Color Brown, DJ Orti & Tracey Hamlette. While SKEPTIC headed sound, recording and live performances, I managed photography, design and marketing; we shared songwriting, singing and film-making credits. 

El Simpo produced "Menos Teatro", a 16-track mixtape released as a singles series, producing for it two music videos ("Tengo Animo", "Un Dia de Sol"), a musical short ("Lokito TV"), and a collection of video teasers for live shows.  Every track is accompanied by an original artwork. 

We had the pleasure and privilege of performing on many stages across Puerto Rico, like Teatro Fransisco Arriví, La Respuesta, Universidad de Puerto Rico; and abroad for the Villanova University International Poetry Festival. Our live performances, while at first consisting of acoustic sets with spoken word and comedy, transitioned into a full DJ and MC show,